Security Awareness

User Awareness

In any organization, insider threats pose a greater risk to the Organizational Assets as compared to the external threats. This is primarily due to the fact that employees or the insiders have more privileged access to organizational assets. Organizations may have world class technologies supported by mature processes, but it may be rendered ineffective due to lack of ‘Due Care’ and awareness amongst the employees. Human Resources are the weakest link in any organization and pose a risk to your organizational assets.

The best way to counter this risk is to educate all the employees and improve their awareness about Security Best Practices. Our well-designed Information Security Awareness Program improves the awareness levels of your employees and guides them to secure the assets of your organization.

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Awareness on Standards and Compliance

Governments and regulatory bodies across the world have made it mandatory for Organizations to be compliant with regulatory standards like HIPAA, GLBA, SAS70, SOX, PCI DSS, DPA, etc. Organizations have to understand and meet the requirements of these regulatory standards. They need to ensure that these requirements are adhered to by their executives, employees, partners and clients and ensure compliance.

Our experts at Promiron ensure that your management, executives and employees are educated on all the standards and regulatory requirements.

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