IT Security

Data Center Security

The data center is a complex environment of physical and virtual systems, integrated and optimized to deliver timely, secure and trusted information throughout your organization. In spite of its ever-evolving security demands, we can help you secure your data center with an end-to-end security solution.

We at Promiron, guide our customers with the right Data Center design, ensuring a multi-layered security and defense in depth.

Data Center Review and Audits also involve,
  • Data Center Operations Review
  • General Computer Controls Review covering
    • IT Assets and resources
    • Personnel Security
    • Physical and Environmental Security
    • Access Controls
    • Operating System Review
    • Database Controls Review
    • Network Controls Review
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Design of IT Security Infrastructure

We at Promiron, guide our customers with the right IT Infrastructure design, ensuring a multi-layered security and defense in depth.

Here, is an abridged version of the way in which our company deals with the IT Security Infrastructure:

For Vanilla Setups

Our services include guiding the customer with the right design of IT Security Architecture, which makes use of the most apposite products and services to deliver an all-inclusive security solution in a cost-effective manner.

For Existing Setups

We perform thorough reviews including, but not limited to:
  • Understand the existing environment
  • Identify and analyze the gaps and shortcomings
  • Introduce controls to fix the gaps.
  • Evaluate the operating effectiveness of all the existing controls.
  • Ensure that all the Security Products work in synergy, ensuring multi-layered security and defense in depth.
  • Reduce the overall Risk Exposure of the organization.
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Vulnerability Assessments

It is said that to “err is human, to forgive is to divine”. But when we are in the professional world, then a mistake can prove to be very harmful to us and our company’s future. A single loophole can expose the system to serious threats and security breaches.

Vulnerability Assessments are performed to evaluate the weaknesses or loopholes prevalent in the systems and networks. Such weaknesses could be due to misconfigurations; absence of Security patches and hot fixes, faulty Network Architecture Designs, etc.

Promiron helps you to identify and fix those vulnerabilities. This would ensure that your networks and systems are strengthened and safeguarded from the external threats.

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Penetration Testing

A penetration test, occasionally known as Pen test, is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from malicious outsiders (who do not have an authorized means of accessing the organization's systems) and malicious insiders (who have some level of authorized access). The process involves an active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerabilities that could result from poor or improper system configuration, both known and unknown hardware or software flaws, and operational weaknesses in process or technical countermeasures. This analysis is carried out from the position of a potential attacker and can involve active exploitation of security vulnerabilities.

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Remote Access Security Architecture

Remote access for vendors and employees often creates one of the most significant vulnerabilities in an organization’s network perimeter. Remote access is quickly becoming common place and is most often used to access an organization’s most sensitive systems and data, posing threat to its security.

Many solutions exist for remote access and they can be configured to provide moderate security; however, given the information and systems that are being accessed, many organizations have not properly balanced their risk equations. Simple encryption and even encrypted tunnels are usually inadequate for most applications.

Network routing controls, two-factor authentication, split tunneling restrictions, protection of the internal network from remote access points and remote user policies and procedures all needs to be considered. Our expert services help you design a sturdy architecture and also identify risks in existing setup and effectively manage them.

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Wireless Security Design And Audit

With equipment prices dropping rapidly, wireless networking technologies are quickly being adopted by organizations. Ease of installation and uneducated claims of security by manufacturers have resulted in many wireless systems being configured with inadequate security.Often, improperly configured wireless and rogue wireless can offer a backdoor into the heart of your network. Promiron offers the following services performed by our expert wireless security consultants
  • Wireless architecture design for new setups and assessment of existing setups
  • Wireless site surveys to detect improperly configured and rogue systems
  • Wireless penetration testing
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Intrusion Detection Systems

An Intrusion Detection System, IDS, is a device or software application that monitors and logs network or system activities for malicious activities or policy violations and sends reports to a Management Server for analysis.

In most of the cases, organizations ignore the real risks highlighted by the IDS. Simply installing a commercial or freeware IDS system does not usually provide much return on investment; IDS encompasses much more than placing network and host sensors around your network. Poorly tuned log analysis procedures and lack of procedures can result in missing attacks or the destruction of evidence after an attack.

Our experts at Promiron help your organization by taking a good look and governing the following aspects:
  • Review the configuration and design of the entire setup.
  • Identify the shortcomings in the implementation of IDS and IPS. Correct and fix those shortcomings.
  • Identify the real threats, which can exploit the weaknesses of your networks and systems and prepare your organization to counter those risks.
  • Improvise the log review process.
  • Prepare the Emergency Response Plans.
  • Protect your organization from real risks.
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