Application Security

Web applications and services are the lifelines of any organization. They are accessible to everyone on internet and used for multiple purposes, including hosting of sensitive e-commerce services.

Due to ease of access, Web Applications are constantly exposed to the attacks from hackers across the globe. Traditional perimeter defenses, such as firewalls, fail to secure Web Applications. Major reasons for the vulnerabilities in these applications are misconfigurations, lack of security awareness, coding standards, improper coding practices, insufficient reviews, inadequate testing of the applications and more importantly less or no importance given to security during design and architecture phase of application development.

Our services include, but not limit to:
  • Guiding the user, during the design and architecture phase of application development, from security perspective.
  • Testing web application using Industry best practices & tools for vulnerabilities and known security threats like Cross-Site Request Forgery, Cross-site scripting, security misconfiguration, source code and scripting level vulnerabilities, SQL injections, authentication issues and many more.
  • Review of underlying operating systems and applications
With Promiron, the Web Applications and services undergo extensive security testing which strengthens them and safeguards them from external attacks.

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